Perquin Blockchain for Financials

I help you discover what Blockchain means for your Business and Finance

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Blockchain for Financials

  • Also wondering what Blockchain means for your organisation and for you as a finance professional?
  • How Blockchain can improve the financial processes of your organisation?
  • I help you learn what blockchain actually is and where it can best be applied - and where not.
  • Perquin Blockchain for Financials helps you to discover what Blockchain technology can do for your business.
  • I look at Blockchain in a realistic way from an organisational and analytical perspective.

Solutions and Services

  • Blockchain Simulation workshop in which you will learn the basics of Blockchain in an interactive way.
  • Blockchain Strategic Discovery to develop in a short time frame a dedicated Blockchain Strategy for your organisation.
  • Blockchain training and education. In-house, at seminars and through well-known training agents.
  • Blockchain consultancy and project management. Designing and developing real Blockchain solutions for businesses




About Blockchain for Financials

  • Jeroen Perquin is a very experienced Finance Executive and owner of Perquin Blockchain for Financials/Blockchain Strategies.
  • The target audience are CFO's, Finance Directors, Controllers, Accountants and other Finance Professionals in organisations.
  • I am specialised in the relevance of Blockchain for the Financial and for the Financial processes in organisations.
  • The services can be delivered making use of the partner network of Weconomics.
  • I am Blockchain consultant with Xurux
  • I participate in the new Certified Blockchain Professional Program





Perquin Blockchain For Financials/Perquin Blockchain Strategies

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