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Why Blockchain For Financials?

The personal drive for me comes from an aspiration to make organisations more productive and the financial professionals even more relevant. Most organisations spent too much time on administrative and bureaucratic activities. Also within Finance, the professionals spend a disproportionate time on designing, operating and fixing (financial) processes, with a great focus on control and compliance. Though control and compliance is and will always remain important, it goes on the expense of spending valuable time on really supporting the business. My aspiration is that by properly implementing new digital technologies like Blockchain, the organisation and the financial in particular will become more effective and can spend a greater proportion of his time on business development and support. The other drive for applying new technologies is the belief that applying new technologies successfully can lead to more productivity, freeing up time to create a more sustainable world.

I operate under the name Perquin Blockchain for Financials and under the tradename Perquin Blockchain Strategies

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About Jeroen Perquin

I am a driven Finance Director with over 25 years of experience in financial management positions. I worked for international companies like PostNL, Shell and Bilfinger Tebodin. Over the past few years, I have specialized in the digitization of financial processes, especially in Blockchain technology. I regard Blockchain technology as the technology that will have the most impact in the financial field. In my training and workshops I clearly explain the relationship between business strategy, organization, finance and control, and Blockchain.

I provide training and workshops about Blockchain. In my workshops I explain Blockchain to CFO’s, Finance Directors, Controllers and Accountants so they can understand what the impact is for them. I support, manage and sets up Blockchain projects for organizations. As an expert I brings people and organizations together to work collectively on Blockchain projects. I advise Management Teams and Financial Executives on the impact of Blockchain on finance and how to develop a digital strategy for finance.

I speak from years of international experience in Finance and IT projects. I have held positions in Investor Relations, Controlling, Internal Audit, Treasury and has served as Finance Director in multiple internationally operating companies.

I studied Business Economics at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. I also studied at the London School of Economics and graduated from VU University Amsterdam as a Certified Controller (RC). I am also a Certified Internal Auditor. Recently I have followed the internal Weconomics training program to Blockchain Lead and have completed the Blockchain Strategy Program at Oxford University.

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Perquin Blockchain For Financials/Perquin Blockchain Strategies

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