The Blockchain Simulation

The Blockchain Simulation is an engaging 3 to 4- hour workshop in which business professionals learn how Blockchain works through an interactive simulation. In addition, a clear overview is given of what the blockchain technology will have for an influence on organizations and companies, and real use cases will be demonstrated. There is also room for exchanges with colleagues from different organizations about the possibilities and the impact of Blockchain.

Managers who want to understand in a short time what the blockchain is and want to see concrete applications. Very suitable also for people for whom interactive learning (learning by doing) is the best - and most fun - learning method.

Target group: Business executives and managers working in Finance, IT, Consultancy, Accountancy, Legal, Logistics, Marketing, Healthcare etc.

Blockchain Strategic Discovery

During the Blockchain Strategic Discovery, you and your management team will in a period of max 2 months develop a basic understanding of Blockchain technology and have a concise decision document on your Blockchain Strategy as a result.

After an intake conversation, one workshop session will cover the basics of the Blockchain technology, using the Blockchain Simulation. This brings all team members at more than sufficient level to think about Blockchain opportunities within their business and industry. We also go through the business strategy and the digitalisation objectives of the organisation.

In the second workshop after appr 1 month, concrete options and actions are worked out. The facilitator Perquin will document this in a concise strategic paper which can be used to make informed and substantiated management decisions about the Blockchain Strategic Direction.


Blockchain Training & Education

Perquin Blockchain for Financials provides training about Blockchain Organizing and the impact for Finance in cooperation, often in cooperation with Paul Bessems, CEO of Weconet B.V.

Trainings are provided via well-known training providers for finance like the Academy of the Vereniging van Registercontrollers, Alex van Groningen and 3Masters

Perquin Blockchain for Financials facilitates in-house training and workshops on Blockchain Technology and Blockchain organising.


Consultancy and Projectmanagement

Perquin Blockchain for Financials provides advisory services especially for Management Teams, CFO’s en Finance Professionals within a wide range of branches.

I can implement blockchain projects working together with our Technology Partner 'Brightcape' and the partners of the Weconomics network.

The current focus is on the Energy sector, Healthcare, Engineering, and Construction.

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